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PART - 1:72 - Photoetched, Aircraft   Date: Tuesday 08 June, 2010

    Etched brass elements for aircraft in 1/72 scale
Part S72 001    LUBLIN R-XIII D    All
Part S72 002    LUBLIN R-XIII ter    All
Part S72 003    MI - 24 D ( COCKPIT )    Revell / Italeri
Part S72 004 A    MI - 24 D ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Revell / Italeri
Part S72 004 B    MI - 24 D ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Revell / Italeri
Part S72 005    AH - 64 A APACHE    Academy
Part S72 006    FOCKE WULF FW 190 A-8    Academy
Part S72 007    FOCKE WULF FW 190 D-9    Italeri
Part S72 008    MESSERSCHMITT ME 109 F4    Italeri
Part S72 009    MESSERSCHMITT ME 109 G-6    Italeri
Part S72 010    SU-22 M.-4 ( COCKPIT )    Italeri / Pantera
Part S72 011    SU-22 M.-4 ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Italeri / Pantera
Part S72 012    SU-22 M.-4 ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Italeri / Pantera
Part S72 013    MIG - 29A ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Italeri
Part S72 014    MIG - 29A ( COCKPIT )    Italeri
Part S72 015    IL - 28 ( COCKPIT)    Italeri / Bilek
Part S72 016    IL - 28 ( EXTERIOR PARTS )    Italeri / Bilek
Part S72 017    P - 51D MUSTANG    Hasegawa
Part S72 018    P - 51B/C MUSTANG    Hasegawa
Part S72 019    P.Z.L. P.-11c    Siedlce
Part S72 020    MESSERSCHMITT ME-109 G-10    Revell
Part S72 022    GERMAN BUCKLES - WW II   
Part S72 023    SIKORSKY H-34    Italeri / Revell
Part S72 024    SIKORSKY H-34G    Revell
Part S72 025    SIKORSKY UH-34D    Italeri
Part S72 026    RWD - 6    ZTS Plastyk
Part S72 027    RWD - 5    ZTS Plastyk
Part S72 028    RWD - 5bis    ZTS Plastyk
Part S72 029    SPITFIRE Mk. IX    Hasegawa
Part S72 030    SPITFIRE Mk. XIV    Academy
Part S72 031    SU 22m.-4 CREW BOARDING LADDER    Italeri / Pantera
Part S72 032    CHOCKS TYPE „A"   
Part S72 033    MESSERSCHMITT ME-210    Bilek / Italeri
Part S72 034    MESSERSCHMITT ME-210 (radar)    Bilek / Italeri
Part S72 035    IL – 2 ( COCKPIT )    Toko
Part S72 036    IL – 2 ( EXTERIOR)    Toko
Part S72 037    F6F-3 HELLCAT    Academy
Part S72 038    F6F-5 HELLCAT    Academy
Part S72 039    F6F HELLCAT  UNDER CARRIAGE    Academy
Part S72 040    IL-2 (BOMB BAY)    TOKO
Part S72 041    IL-2 (FLAPS)    TOKO
Part S72 042    DEWOITINE D.-520    Hasegawa
Part S72 043    TS-11 „ISKRA” (INTERIOR)    MasterCraft
Part S72 044    TS-11 „ISKRA” (EXTERIOR)    MasterCraft
Part S72 045    KAMOW Ka-29 „HELIX”    Italeri / Zvezda
Part S72 046    SUKHOI SU-20    Pantera
Part S72 047    JAKOVLEV JAK-9    DAKO-PLAST
Part S72 048    JAKOVLEV JAK-1M    ZTS Plastyk
Part S72 049    PZL P.-37 „LOS” - EXTERIOR    MasterCraft
Part S72 050    PZL P.-37 „LOS” - INTERIOR    MasterCraft
Part S72 051    F-16 A/B „FALCON”    Italeri
Part S72 052    F-16 „FALCON”    Italeri
Part S72 053    F-16 C/D „FALCON”    Italeri
Part S72 054    MESSERSCHMITT Bf 109 B    Heller
Part S72 055    MESSERSCHMITT Bf 109 E    Academy
Part S72 056    SBD DAUNTLESS - flaps    Hasegawa
Part S72 057    SBD 3/5 DAUNTLESS - interior    Hasegawa
Part S72 058    OH-13S SIOUX    Italeri
Part S72 059    SBD 3/5 DAUNTLESS    Hasegawa
Part S72 060    ANTONOV An-2 - interior    Italeri/Bilek
Part S72 061    ANTONOV An-2    Italeri/Bilek
Part S72 062    ANTONOV An-2     Italeri
Part S72 063    HAWKER HURRICANE Mk.I    Hasegawa
Part S72 064    MACHINE GUN VICKERS wz. F   
Part S72 065    MACHINE GUN wz. 37 „SZCZENIAK”   
Part S72 066    P.-39 AIRACOBRA    Academy
Part S72 067    CHOCKS type B - modern  aircraft   
Part S72 068    CHOCKS type C - modern aircraft   
Part S72 069    LAGG-3 type 35    Dako Plast
Part S72 070    LAGG-3 type 66    Dako Plast
Part S72 071    P.-47D THUNDERBOLT    Academy
Part S72 072    P.-47D THUNDERBOLT    Academy
Part S72 073    P.-47D THUNDERBOLT    Academy
Part S72 074    BEAUFIGHTER Mk.VI    Hasegawa
Part S72 075    SOPWITH 7F1 „Snipe”    TOKO
Part S72 076    Su-25K    Italeri
Part S72 078    PFALZ DXII    TOKO
Part S72 079    A6m.5c ZERO    Academy
Part S72 080    PZL „KARAS”    Heller
Part S72 081    PZL „KARAS”    Heller
Part S72 082    F4U-1 "CORSAIR"    Academy
Part S72 083    FOCKE WULF FW 190 D-9    Academy
Part S72 084    FOCKE WULF FW 190 A    Revell
Part S72 085    SOPWITCH 1 1 STRUTTER    Toko
Part S72 086    RWD-8    Siedlce
Part S72 087    HANSA BRANDENBURG W.29    Toko
Part S72 088    F-4 U4-B CORSAIR    Italeri
Part S72 089    F-4U/5N; F-4U7 CORSAIR    Italeri
Part S72 090    AVIATIK (BERG) D.I    Toko
Part S72 091    F-15 A,B,C,D    Academy / ESCI
Part S72 092    F-15 E exterior + radar    Academy / ESCI
Part S72 093    F-15 A/C cockpit    Academy / ESCI
Part S72 094    F-15 B/D cockpit    Academy / ESCI
Part S72 095    Me-410 HORNISSE    Italeri
Part S72 096    NIEUPORT 16c    Toko
Part S72 097    NIEUPORT 11 BeBe    Toko
Part S72 098    F-15E cockpit    Academy / ESCI
Part S72 099    H-21C SHAWNEE    Italeri
Part S72 100    P-51B MUSTANG    Academy
Part S72 101    JUNKERS Ju-87 B2/R2    Italeri
Part S72 102    JUNKERS Ju-87 D    Italeri
Part S72 103    HAWKER TYPHOON Mk.IB    Academy
Part S72 104    HAWKER TEMPEST V    Academy
Part S72 105    P-40N WARHAWK    Acad/Haseg.
Part S72 106    FLAPS P-36/P-40 (early)    Aca/Has/Hell
Part S72 107    FLAPS P-40 (late)    Acad/Hasegawa
Part S72 108    HAWKER HURRICANE Mk.IIB    Revell
Part S72 109    HAWKER HURRICANE Mk.IIC    Revell
Part S72 110    HAWKER HURRICANE - FLAPS    Revell
Part S72 111    EXHAUST FOR F-15, F-16 (1pcs)    All models
Part S72 112    Mi-2    Intech
Part S72 113    Mi-2 RL/RM    Intech
Part S72 114    Mi-2 URN/URP/URP-G    Intech
Part S72 115    P-47M Thunderbolt    Revell
Part S72 116    P-47M landing gear cover & gun bays    Revell
Part S72 117    Airfield - accessories for MiG-29    Italeri
Part S72 118    Airfield - accessories for SU-22    Italeri/Pantera
Part S72 119    Airfield - accessories for SU-22    Italeri/Pantera
Part S72 120    Henschel Hs 129B-2    Italeri/Dream
Part S72 121    Me-163B Komet    Academy
Part S72 122    P-40E Warhawk    Academy
Part S72 123    P-40M Warhawk    Academy
Part S72 124    JAS-39A Gripen    Italeri
Part S72 125    P-40D... N-1 - canopy frames   
Part S72 126    P-40N-1... N-40 - canopy frames   
Part S72 127    JAS 39 Gripen (crew boarding ladder & chocks)    Italeri
Part S72 128    PZL-104 WILGA    A-Model
Part S72 129    FOKKER E.IV    ICM
Part S72 130    PFALZ E.IV    ICM
Part S72 131    MIG-3    RPM
Part S72 132    Fokker Dr.I    Roden
Part S72 133    La-9    Gran
Part S72 134    La-11    Gran
Part S72 135    SIKORSKY S.XIV    Dako Plast
Part S72 136    I-16 type 24    ICM
Part S72 137    Hansa BRANDENBURG D.I    TOKO
Part S72 138    FOKKER E.V/D.VIII    TOKO
Part S72 139    D.H. MOSQUITO FB Mk.VI/NF MK.II    Tamiya
Part S72 140    PZL 104 Wilga - metal cover    A-Model
Part S72 141    D.H. MOSQUITO B Mk.IV    Hasegawa
Part S72 142    D.H. MOSQUITO FB Mk.VI    Hasegawa
Part S72 143    F-84 Thunderjet    Academy
Part S72 144    Spitfire Mk.I/II    Tamiya
Part S72 145    Spitfire - flaps    All models
Part S72 146    P-51D Mustang    Tamiya
Part S72 147    Me-109E-1/E-3    Tamiya
Part S72 148    MiG-31    Zvezda
Part S72 149    MiG-31    Zvezda
Part S72 150    Gotha G.II, G.III    ICM
Part S72 151    Fw-190D-9    Tamiya
Part S72 152    Fw-190 A/D/F/G - metal flaps    Tamiya/Revell
Part S72 153    Fw-190 A/D/F/G - wooden flaps    Tamiya/Revell
Part S72 154    Pfalz D.III    Roden
Part S72 155    Su-2    ICM
Part S72 156    Pfalz D.IIIa    Roden
Part S72 157    Spitfire Mk.V    Tamiya
Part S72 158    Do 335A-12 Anteater    Dragon
Part S72 159    WWI stitching (sznurowanie)   
Part S72 160    Do 335A-1a Pfeil    Revell
Part S72 161    WWI controlhorns & turnbuckles   
Part S72 162    Do 335 B-2 Zerstover    Dragon
Part S72 163    Messerschmitt Bf-109E-4/7    Tamiya
Part S72 164    Parabelum m14   
Part S72 165    Heinkel He-177A    Revell
Part S72 166    Avro 504    A-Model
Part S72 167    Fokker D.VII    Roden
Part S72 168    Macchi C.202    Italeri
Part S72 169    Fokker D.VII F    Roden
Part S72 170    Jak-2/4    Amodel
Part S72 171    F-87F Sabre    Academy
Part S72 172    Gotha G.IV    Roden
Part S72 173    Messerschmitt Bf-109G-14    Academy
Part S72 174    JAK-1    Amodel
Part S72 175    Fokker D.VII OAW (early version)    Roden
Part S72 176    Fokker D.VII OAW (middle version)    Roden
Part S72 177    Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat    Academy
Part S72 178    Messerschmitt Bf 108B Tajfun    Heller
Part S72 179    Vickers - WWI Machine Gun   
Part S72 180    Gotha G.V    Roden
Part S72 181    SPAD A2/A4    Amodel
Part S72 182    Jak-3    Maquette/Heller
Part S72 183    Albatros D.I    Roden
Part S72 184    La-5    Maquette
Part S72 185    Fokker D.VII Alb (late)    Roden
Part S72 186    A-7E Corsair II    Italeri/Esci
Part S72 187    Albatros D.II    Roden
Part S72 188    Albatros D.II (Oeffag)    Roden
Part S72 189    Fokker D.VII Alb (early)    Roden
Part S72 190    Albatros D.III    Roden
Part S72 191    Fokker D.VI    Roden
Part S72 192    Me 262 A-1a    Revell/Hasegawa
Part S72 193    Me 262 B-1a/U1    Revell/Hasegawa
Part S72 194    Mi-8T (interior vol.1)    Zvezda
Part S72 195    Mi-8T (exterior)    Zvezda
Part S72 196    Mi-8T (interior vol.2)    Zvezda
Part S72 197    F-6F-3N Hellcat - conversion set F6F-5N    Italeri
Part S72 198    F6F-5 HELLCAT    Italeri
Part S72 199    MC.205 Veltro    Italeri
Part S72 200    F6F-5N Hellcat    Italeri
Part S72 201    Ki-43 II Oscar    Hasegawa
Part S72 202    Ju-87 G-1 Stuka    Academy
Part S72 203    PWS 26    RPM
Part S72 204    PWS 16bis    RPM
Part S72 205    Bristol F.2B Fighter    Roden
Part S72 206    RAF S.E.5a    Roden
Part S72 207    RWD 14b Czapla    ZTS Plastyk
Part S72 208    Tu-22M3 interior    Italeri
Part S72 209    Tu-22M3 exterior    Italeri
Part S72 210    WWI seats   
Part S72 211    Mi-8 / Mi-17 - celling   
Part S72 212    WWI spoke wheels   
Part S72 213    WWI prop-bosses   
Part S72 214    Jak-18    Amodel
Part S72 215    Albatros T.V/Va    Roden
Part S72 216    Mi-17 interior vol.1    Zvezda
Part S72 217    Mi-17 interior vol.2    Zvezda
Part S72 218    Mi-17 exterior    Zvezda
Part S72 219    WWI lacing typ B   
Part S72 220    WWI lacing typ C   
Part S72 221    Felixtowe     Roden
Part S72 222    SM.79    Italeri
Part S72 223    M.S.-406    Hasegawa
Part S72 224    Nieuport IV    Amodel
Part S72 225    A-7D Corsair II    Italeri
Part S72 226    P-47N Thunderbolt    Italeri
Part S72 227    B-25 Mitchell    Hasegawa
Part S72 228    B-25 Mitchell J    Hasegawa
Part S72 229    P-38J Lightning    Academy
Part S72 230    B-25H Mitchell    Hasegawa
Part S72 231    B-25 Mitchell (bomb bay)    Hasegawa
Part S72 232    F-8E Crusader    Academy
Part S72 233    MiG-21PFM    Zvezda
Part S72 234    MIG-21 F13    Revell
Part S72 235    Po-2    Kopro
Part S72 236    CSS-13 - Polikarpov Po-2 licence build    Kopro
Part S72 237    Polikarpov Po-2 LBN    Kopro
Part S72 238    Hawker Hunter F.6    Revell
Part S72 239    Shvestov M-11 (engine for Po-2, Yak-6, UT-2)    all kits
Part S72 240    SB2C-4 Helldiver    Academy
Part S72 241    SB2C-3.4.5 Helldiver - performated flaps    Academy
Part S72 242    Sopwith Camel (single seat version)    Roden
Part S72 243    Sopwith F.1 Camel (2 seat trainer)    Roden
Part S72 244    MiG-21bis     Zvezda
Part S72 245    PZL W-3T Sokol (interior)    AJ Model
Part S72 246    PZL W-3T Sokol (doors)    AJ Model
Part S72 247    PZL W-3T Sokol (exterior)    AJ Model
Part S72 248    Wellington Mk.Ic (Interior)    Trumpeter
Part S72 249    Wellington Mk.Ic (bomb bay)    Trumpeter
Part S72 250    Wellington Mk.Ic (flaps)    Trumpeter
Part S72 251    SPAD VII C.1    MAC Distribution
Part S72 252    Mi-26    Zvezda
Part S72 253    Junkers D.I    Roden
Part S72 254       
Part S72 255       
Part S72 256    Yak-12A    Amodel
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