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  » Airfraft 1/144
  » Armor 1/16 and 1/9 scales
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  » Armor 1/48
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  » Scale: 1/72
  » Aircraft 1/24
  » Aircraft 1/32, 1/33 and 1/35 scales
  » Aircraft 1/48
  » Aircraft 1/72 & 1/144
  » Armor 1/16
  » Armor 1/24 and 1/25
  » Armor 1/35
  » Armor 1/48
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  » Armor 1/72
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  » RB Model - Metal gun barrels
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  » Aircraft 1/24
  » Aircraft 1/32 & 1/35
  » Aircraft 1/48
  » Aircraft 1/72, 1/144
  » Armor 1/16 & 1/24
  » Armor 1/35
  » Armor 1/48
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22-620 05 39 zamówienia
603 774 757 sklep
Open Hours
Pn-Pt: 09.00-17.00
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Payment Online
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Payment Online
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Aber - Photo Eteched parts
RB Model
Plastic Soldier Models for Gamers and Collectors
RP Toolz
Kubuś w Muzeum WP
9K72 Elbrus M. / SCUD B
Terms & Conditions
General remarks (please read it before you will read Terms & Conditions)

We are not webstore in classical meaning of this word. It is a page of our stationary store where we are selling the same merchandise (which we have on store shelf and they have the same prices). We don’t have on stock big amount of most of kits or paints. There is a possibility that the same merchandise which you will buy will be sell in our stationary shop before we will update  quantity of them. We will inform you about that and there will be necessary to wait a couple of days for restock. It's your decision that you would like to wait.

Here are the basic rules of JadarHobby Online Shop:

Owner of is:

Jadar-Model s.c.
Darek Szenfeld, Jacek Głuśniewski

Ratuszowa 11, budynek 6, lok.425
03-450 Warszawa, Poland
VAT No. PL 1130109730

Our firm was registered in 1995  

Shop in Warsaw:

Jadar-Model's Hobby SHop
14 Swietokrzyska Street,
00-050 Warsaw, Poland
tel./fax (+48)
603 774 757
we are open:
Monday-Friday: 11oo-19oo
Saturday: 10oo-14oo

Ordering through our store can be done in two ways:
- as Registered Customer
- Purchase Without Account
Register will grant you many privileges, most importantly:
- Fast shopping
- You will be able to see your current order status
- Review your past order history
- Periodically receive an e-mail newsletter.
- Receive repeat customer discount.
In the second case all you have to do is state your address. Once the order is placed you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You don't have to reply to it, but you also won't be able to check your current order status without registering.

Applies only to registered customers.

All purchases made by a registered customer are summed up in his account. After reaching one of the following amount ranges due to the system automatically deduct a percentage of the contract price (shipping cost will be added separately)

Total sum of orders above 715.00Euro/940.00USD - 2,5% discount
Total sum of orders above 1 200.00Euro/1 560.00USD - 5% discount
Total sum of orders above 1 900.00Euro/2 500.00USD - 7,5% discount
Total sum of orders above 2 400.00Euro/3 100.00USD - 10% discount

The total sum of your orders is tracked by our online shop system, this enables our „loyalty program” to qualify you for one of our discount groups.

All customers from outside of Poland are obliged to use the price list in English, or simply the prices given in PLN (Polish Zloty), EURO or US Dollars. To get to them please click the British “Union Jack” flag on the right-hand side of our page, under “Jezyk/Languages”, or set your currency options in “Waluta/Currencies” section. You can make your order in Polish Zlotych (PLN) and this currency will be available on your credit card account.
We do not have a set minimum order value. Every order will be welcome and realized as fast as possible. Orders will be realized in the order we've received them.
Orders are carried out in folowing way:
- After placing the order its status will be changed to "awaiting"
- On the next day your order will be forwarded to our shipping division, where the storehouse availability of ordered merchandise will be confirmed and missing merchandise will be ordered from the distributor. (Your order's status will be changed to "processing")
- If certain merchandise should not be available or hard to get a hold of, we will contact you through e-mail or by phone (that's why you're asked to submit correct personal data on your first log in).
- Completed orders are sent to our packaging division. All merchandise is sent in special cardboard boxes, which should protect your order from sustaining any damage.
- The package is handed over to a Polish Post Office courier. Shipping takes place two times a week, on tuesdays and fridays. That's when your order's status will be changed to "shipping".
- We reserves the right to cancel an order if certain merchandise should prove unavailable (its status will be changed to "cancelled")
Please understand that model kits are a distinctive kind of wares, imported by distributors in small quantities and sometimes longer breaks in deliveries can happen.
Shipping options.
All parcels are sent „by registered post”. With reduction of your customs taxes in mind we send the parcels without including an invoice inside the package. An invoice will be sent separately by e-mail, or regular mail. When finalizing your order, please select your preferred shipping option:

- surface mail (available for european customers only. Cheap, but estimated time of arrival in Europe is 7-20 days, depending on the country)

- air mail (more expensive, but guarantees delivery within 3-7 days)
Ordered merchandise is sent only via Polish Post Office, in thick, safe boxes. We do not send orders through couriers.


1. We accept payment by credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB.
We do not accept cheques, cash and international money orders.
All payments are secure. When you will finish placing your order, our shop system will redirect you to AllPay Security Center, where you will be asked for your credit card details.
2. We accept payment by American Express too. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but for payment via American Express you will have to send us all credit card details by fax or 2-3 separate emails. Our fax number is (++48) 22 6714621
3. We accept payments by PayPal

4. We accept payments by Polish professional Payment Systems DotPay or PayU:
 or  PayU
Each order is confirmed by invoice, which is automatically e-mailed to you after submitting your order. If you do not receive a confirmation from our shop system immediately (after payment), this is sign that you might have made an error when finalizing your order.
Merchandise Returns.
It is possible to return the ordered merchandise. One shall pack up the item in a solid package that can guarantee reaching the destination safely, and send back to our shop at the address:
Jadar-Model s.c.
Darek Szenfeld, Jacek Głuśniewski

Ratuszowa 11, budynek 6, lok.425
03-450 Warszawa, Poland
After the returned parcel is received, your money will be sent back within 14 days (without P&P costs)
If you have any questions, please ask me.

Best regards
Darek Szenfeld
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